Providing import files or data files via the FTP enables merchants to submit order history, customer information, store data, and product catalog data. This information is used throughout Listrak to support various solutions.


Get your username and password by following the below steps.

  1. Navigate to Integrations > Integrations Management.

  2. Click New Integration.

  3. Locate the FTP Integration type and click Integrate.

  4. Add the required information for Setup.

  5. Click Generate Credentials for the username and password.

⚠️ The Listrak FTP should be used for all File Imports. Use the External FTP for file exports only.

You will access the FTP server at, and can be configured to be either FTP, FTPS, or SFTP. You can learn more about each type here. Please contact with any questions.


There are four (4) import files that are currently accepted and imported by Listrak. The import process has predetermined file names that will import automatically. You may, however, upload any file to Listrak with as long as you provide a matching file name. There are four files that are required:

  1. Orders File
    Expected file name: Listrak_Order_Feed_DATE.csv

  2. Order Items File
    Expected file name: Listrak_OrderItem_Feed_DATE.csv 

  3. Customers File
    Expected file name: Listrak_Customer_DATE.csv

  4. Products File
    Expected file name: Listrak_Product_Feed_DATE.csv


  • Accepted file formats: .txt .csv .xlsx 

  • Accepted encoding: UTF-7, ASCII, UTF-8, Unicode 

  • If using plain text, remove all carriage returns (CR) and line feeds (LF, CRLF)

  • Use text qualifiers when necessary.


Data required to power a solution will differ from solution to solution. Supplying as much data as you have available will allow your solutions to function at an optimal level. In the File Specifications guide, linked below, you will find all the data points that can be included in the Customers, Orders, Order Items, and Products file.

If you are currently onboarding a solution at Listrak, work with your Project Manager and Technical Data analyst to determine which data points are required for your unique set of solutions. If you are interested in adding additional solutions to your Listrak solution set, please work with your Account Manager.

For more information about data fields that can be supplied with data file imports:

If you are working with our Professional Services onboarding team, please create samples of all files on the FTP and then reach out to your Project Manager to validate your files. 

Alternatively please continue to the next step of configuring the import process. 

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