Use these two REST methods (CONTACT and LISTIMPORT) when building your subscription points into your server-side application. With these methods, you can subscribe a contact to your list and optionally trigger an event to start a Listrak Conductor conversation.


The POST verb on the CONTACT method allows you to update or create a contact to a list one individually. The only required Path Parameter is the ListID. Optionally you can add segmentation values such as FirstName, LastName, or any preference values.

If you are triggering a Welcome Series or other Listrak Conductor conversations, you can optionally add an EventID to trigger the event. These along with ListIDs and SegmentIDs can be obtained programmatically though the API or manually within the Listrak application


The LISTIMPORT functions similarly to the above method, but allows you to subscribe larger lists of contacts with their segmentation and event ID at one time. This method may be useful if you collect batches of subscribers and run them in hourly or nightly intervals.

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