The List Review Group is used in conjunction with the Review button on the Authoring page. You can create a review group to send a test email to a group of people, rather than an individual email address on the Authoring page. You can use up to 27 email address in a review group.


⚠️ Before beginning, ensure you are on the correct list.

  1. Navigate to Settings > Email Settings List Settings.

  2. Scroll down to Notification Settings.

  3. In the List Review Group field, enter the email of the first person you'd like in your review group.

  4. To add multiple reviewers, simply click Add Reviewer

    💡 Up to 27 email addresses can be added. Email addresses associated with a distribution list or auto foward-er can be included here.

  5. After you've added all of your reviewers, click Commit Changes.

Sending a Test

⚠️ Before beginning, ensure you are on the correct list.

These steps should be used if you have a message already saved. The button will also appear if creating a new message.

  1. Navigate to Messages > Email View Saved Email.

  2. Open the specific message.

  3. Scroll to the bottom and click Send Review.

⚠️ Test messages may not display personalization if a contact does not have a value in their profile. For example, a test of a cart abandonment message will only display a cart if the contact has abandoned items with the email address.

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