Split testing allows you to test your message open, read, click, click to open, and conversion rates. Did you know that Listrak offers another way to run a single split test through Split Test Segmentation? You can do so by following the below steps.

1. Navigate from the home menu to Contacts.
2. Go to Segmentation.
3. Then Split Test Segmentation.
4. Select the filters you'd like to use. This is used to filter your list rather than split testing your entire list. If you have applied a filter, 100% doesn't mean 100% of your list- it means 100% of the filtered group you are indicating. For this example, we won't apply any filters.

NOTE: When a filter is applied, the remainder represents everyone not included in the filter. However, if there is no filter applied and there's an odd number of contacts on the list, the remainder will be be a single email address.

5. Enter a percentage of the list that you're split testing. For this example, we would want to test 100% of our list.
6. Enter the number of segments that you're splitting. For this example, we are split testing a send time optimization send and a regular send- this will be two segments.

7. Then Generate Test Segment.

NOTE: Please note that you are only able to run one split test per list at a time. After you have generated these segments for that specific split test, they will remain as is until modified, but will not be noted in the platform. The Split Test Segmentation percentage and number of segments will return to the default values of 50% and 2 once you leave the page.

You can view the progress of your split test with the progress monitor by navigating to Home > Progress Monitor


Since we're split testing send time optimization (STO) against a regular send, you will need two versions of your message. You can learn more about sending with STO here. After the segments are generated, you can add them to each version of the message.

1. Navigate from the home menu to Authoring.
2. Go to New Message.
3. Scroll to the Segmentation Filter Settings.

4. Click Edit Filter.
5. Select System Fields.
6. Then Split Test Segment.
7. Select Segment 1.

Repeat the above steps for the second version of your message. For this example, we will select Segment 2

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