Similar to Facebook Connected Audiences, you can create audiences with Google to target your shoppers based on their intent and engagement. Access Google's Connected Audiences by following the below steps.

1. Navigate from the home menu to Solutions.
2. Go to Listrak Exchange.
3. Then Google Connected Audiences.
4. Click Connect to Google Ad Account.

5. Click Log in

6. An authentication pop-up launches. Enter your email address and password for your Google AdWords account.

NOTE: You must be an Admin on your Google AdWords account to connect to Listrak Exchange.

7. Grant Listrak permission by clicking Allow.
8. Select an Ad Account. If you are granted with Admin access on multiple ad accounts, these will appear here. 

9. Select a list and audience. A list consists of your unfiltered subscribers while an audience is a filter that is applied to a list to obtain a specific group of people from your list, such as purchasers in the last 10 days.

10. If you connect your Facebook Ad Account to Listrak Exchange, you can select to sync your new audience to Facebook.
11. Click Finish to begin syncing your audience. 

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