Geo tracking allows you to view where the opens, reads, and clicks of your campaign are coming from geographically.

📌 Understanding where contacts are located allows you to tailor content to holidays and other region-specific events.

To access the full Geo Tracking Report, navigate to Analytics > Message Analytics Geo Tracking.

The report will display all broadcast messages from the specific list.

💡 Use the date filter to locate older messages 

Geo Tracking Activity

To view the activity associated with a specific message, click on one of the underlined metrics in opens, reads, or clicks.

This opens the location-specific breakdown of interactions with a specific message.

The pie chart provides a high-level view of the most common locations where open, read, and click activity is occurring.

The chart view provides a further breakdown of each of those metrics by country. Clicking on an underlined number in this chart will provide a report of the common times when activity occurred and the email addresses of the contacts who engaged. You can apply additional filters using Listrak's Legacy Filtering system to gain further insights into these groups.

The globe icon opens a world map that displays a color-coded view of where contacts are engaging with your messages by opening the Visual Map.

Geo Tracking Visual Map

The geo tracking map allows you to view the opens, reads, and clicks of your messages specific to country level, regionally, or by the postal code.

Geo tracking can be found anywhere you see the Globe icon, including:

  • Recent Messages on the Home Dashboard

  • Message History Report

  • Conversation Analytics Report

Using the Map

The map opens to a worldwide view of open activity.

You can filter the map by opens, reads, and clicks by using the filters on the top right corner. Once clicked, a list of email address for contacts who took the specific action will appear next to the map.

💡 You can navigate the map by using the mouse to double-click on a desired area.

Once a region is selected, a popup appears allowing you to view the report or to zoom in.

Zooming in will allow you to view performance by state, region, or zip code.

Viewing the Report

The View Report option allows you to view additional details. Click on any of the view details links and the Listrak platform will redirect to the report about the specified metric.

Use the date range picker to limit the results to limit your results to a specific timeframe.

The graph will display the activity during specific timeframes. Clicking on opens, reads, or clicks in the legend to enable or disable each data point on the graph. Below the graph, the chart displays email address, country, region, postal code, and date of the activity (based on the activity originally selected in the map popup). You can add a filter to these fields to narrow results to specific areas, such as specific zip codes.

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