Geo tracking allows you to view where the opens, reads, and clicks of your campaign are coming from geographically.

Geo tracking can be found in the analytics menu.

1. Navigate from the home menu to Analytics.
2. Go To Message Analytics.
3. Then Geo Tracking.

The campaigns are filtered by date range. To select a date range:

4. Click the drop-down menu and select a time frame.
5. Click Update.

The information of the campaign is then structured by the campaign name, send date, sent, opens, reads, and clicks. 

NOTE: The geo tracking map is available by clicking the Globe icon. The globe icon is also available on the grid of the Conversation Analytics page.


To view the activity of a specific campaign, select by opens, reads, or clicks by clicking any number in the grid. 

Underneath the date range, there is a pie chart with a breakdown of location. 

The information following the pie chart is listed by location, opens, reads, clicks, and the geo tracking map. To view even more granular data, click on any of the underlined numbers following the pie chart.

For Example: If you want to know specifically who has opened in a particular region, click on the opens number for that specific region.


To view the day and hour of when the message was opened, clicked, or read, you can click on the numbers following the pie chart. Following the graph, the report is filtered by email, country, region, postal code, and open date. This allows you to search by a specific email, country, etc. The filters can be refined at the bottom of the dashboard to cater towards your results. 

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