After you've set up the applicable static, unique, or Shopify coupon and the profile fields, the next step is to add the coupon to your automated campaigns, such as a Welcome Series or Shopping Cart Abandonment campaign.

This guide adds a coupon step to an existing campaign. You can also use this guide to add coupons when building a new campaign, but may need to add additional steps, such as messages.

  1. Navigate to Authoring >Conductor Conversations.

  2. Add an Action Step right before the Message Step that contains your offer message by clicking the green plus sign before the message step.

  3. Override the default name to Assign Coupon Code to reflect the offer by clicking into the step.

  4. In the popup:

    1. Select the Update Segment Field with Coupon Code action type from the drop-down menu.

    2. Select a Merchant, if applicable.

    3. Select your Coupon Pool from the drop-down menu.

    4. Select the previously created profile field. This is used for saving the profile information.

    5. If using an expiration date, select the second previously configured profile field.

      💡 Expirations can be used for Unique and Shopify coupons that have an expiration date included in the coupon upload.

  5. Click Update.

  6. Complete any additional updates necessary.

  7. Publish the conversation by clicking the green publish button.

Referencing a Coupon in a Message

Adding an action step to the conversation will fill a contact's profile with a coupon value. However, in order to deliver it to a contact you will need to have a message that displays the value stored in this field.

  1. Open the message where the coupon will display.

  2. If using HTML:

    1. Navigate to Personalization Control Panel

    2. Click the Advanced Options button

    3. Check the default checkbox

    4. Click on the profile field that holds the coupon

    5. Add a default value between the two single quotes

    6. Copy the tag

    7. Paste the tag into the message where you would like it to display

  3. If using Composer:

    1. Drag a text or headline element where the coupon should appear

    2. Select the personalization drop-down

    3. In the search bar, search for the name of the field

    4. Click on the field to add it to your text or headline element

    5. Add a default value between the two single quotes

  4. Save your message

  5. Replace the existing message in the conversation if you have inserted the coupon in a new or saved message.

Your conversation is now live! Your contacts will begin receiving coupons!

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