Coupons can be uploaded to the coupon pool with the Coupon Manager, however, with dynamic coupons, you can make a column in an Excel document to maintain all of the codes. Generating dynamic coupons allows you to create unique coupons for each of your customers.

Export the List

  1. Navigate from the home menu to Contacts > Email Contacts View Subscribed Contacts.

  2. Choose the contacts you want to add the coupon code to, for example:

    1. For all subscribed contacts: Change the date range to All > click Update.

    2. For a selected audience: Click Edit Filter > apply filter > click Update.

  3. Click the Export icon (down arrow) at the top of the dashboard.

  4. Choose the format you want to export and click Next.

Add coupon codes to the contacts' profile 

Now that your updated list has been exported, you can add your coupon codes. Enter these into your designated coupon column.

Import the List

After the changes are made to your list, including your coupons, you must import the updated list.

  1. Navigate to Contacts > Email Contacts Import List Wizard.

  2. Keep the default settings: One-Time Import > Add/Update Subscribers > Email Address identifier.  

  3. Click choose file and click next step.

  4. Choose the settings and field groups based on your Excel file.

  5. Select your import layout settings. Here, you will enter a default value for the coupon profile field.

  6. Click next step.

  7. You will see the import information, along with a preview of the coupons for each subscriber of your list. 

  8. Click Import File.

📑 Learn more about importing an email list.

These coupons will be attached to the customer's file. This allows you to send the customer a regular message with using the personalization fields. Read more about personalization in Personalize Content with Profile Fields.

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