Q: What data can I see within the reporting grid?

  • The product name, product SKU, product category, product brand, quantity sold within the time frame, revenue generated by that product within the time frame, the number of subscribers who've signed up within the time frame, and the average wait time for subscribers.

Q: I'm not seeing some of the columns, why?

  • If you have longer product names, categories, or brands - it is possible that the data is being condensed. Clicking the '+' icon next to the product name will display additional data.

Q: Is it possible to hide data that isn't relevant to me?

  • Yes. At the bottom of the data grid, you should see a Show/Hide Columns button. Clicking this button will allow you to dismiss columns that aren't relevant for your reporting needs.

Q: It seems like a product is missing that I know is out of stock. Why is this?

  • This data that is returned for this report respects the date range selected. By default, we load the last 30 days of data. Your date range can easily be changed by using the date picker at the top of the page.

Q: Can I see how long individual subscribers have been waiting for a particular product?

  • Yes, clicking the product name will take you into a subscription queue if you need to see this information.

Q: Can I export data from the reporting within Alerts?

  • Yes - you are able to export either the main data grid for Wanted/Browsed Products or the individual alert queue. 

Q: What does the subscribers column mean?

  • On the dashboard, view an overview of the total number of subscriptions that occurred during the selected time period. Drill into a product for a more in-depth view of the contact that subscribed, when they subscribed, and their wait status.

Q: What does the days waiting column mean?

  • The days waiting column displays how long a contact has been waiting for the alert. If a subscriber no longer qualifies to receive an alert, removed will appear in this column. If the alert has been triggered, this column will reflect sent.

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