Q: Where can I see the current number of subscribed contacts?

Navigate to Contacts > SMS Contacts > SMS Lists. The number of subscribed contacts, to date, will be listed under the Subscribers column. If you have multiple lists, you will need to add the numbers together for a grand total. However, a contact can live on multiple lists, so the grand total could be skewed.

Q: Can I add more than one link to a text message?

Yes, more than one link can be added. Listrak tracks conversations when the user clicks through any link in the text message.

⚠️ The exception is when you want to display a link preview. It only works if there is ONE link in the message.

Q: Why are there asterisks before and after the link in a text message?

These are added to prevent a link preview from displaying.

📑 Learn more about how link preview work.

Q: Can a Data Acquisition campaign ask for multiple answers from a user in a single response?

Yes, however something to consider with this option is that it does not account for user spelling errors. We recommend the message is worded with clear directions for the user.

📢For Example:

Reply with the ice cream flavors you are interested in: Fruity, Chocolate, Candy, Nutty, All.

Q: Can an Info Keyword campaign ask for multiple answers in a single response?

No, the system can only recognize if the keyword response matches the keyword that was setup for the campaign. We also recommend creating the info keywords as single words, not compound words.

📢For Example:

Reply to 12345 with the ice cream flavor you are interested in the most: Fruity, Chocolate, Candy, or Nutty.

Q: Is there a minimum number of messages that I should send per month to stay in compliance?

Yes, you are required to send one message to month to every contact in your SMS program.

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