The Alerts Dashboard provides you with valuable insight into the number of products that customers are waiting for. This data comes from signups via Back-in Stock Alerts and from Price-Drop or Low Inventory Alerts that are triggered when a customer browses a product, but doesn't purchase. Follow the below steps to learn more about the Alerts Dashboard.

  1. Navigate from the home menu to Solutions.

  2. Go to Alerts.

3. Select the Alert you wish to view.
4. Select a predetermined time frame from the drop-down menu (i.e. This Month, Last 7 Days, Today). You can use the calendar pop-up to select dates by clicking the calendar icon.


In the subscriptions graph, you can see the number of alert subscriptions that occurred during the time frame you selected. Remember, in the case of Back-in-Stock, subscriptions are explicit, meaning the shopper signed up with their email address. Subscriptions in the case of Browse Based Alerts (Back-in-Stock, Price Drop, and Low Inventory) are counted when a shopper browses a product, but does not purchase.

  • Subscribers: The total number of subscriptions that occurred during your selected time period. 

  • Daily Subscription Average: The average number of subscribers generated daily. 

  • Monthly Subscription Average: The average number of subscribers generated monthly. 


This section offers critical information about your product supply and demand. You can see exactly how many shoppers have browsed a product or signed up to receive a notification. In addition, you can see how many people are actually waiting to purchase your product as soon as it become available and in stock, drops in price, or drops in inventory! This information arms you with knowledge of what products to restock, how many you'll need, and can aid in protecting margin when clearing inventory.

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