Journey Hub Series

Building Post Purchase Campaigns in Journey Hub

Explore how you can jumpstart 2022 by creating customized, enhanced, Post Purchase Campaigns in Journey Hub. Whether you are transitioning an existing Conductor campaign or starting from scratch, gain tips and tricks to enhance your campaigns and nurture your relationship with purchasers.

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Building Abandonment Campaigns in Journey Hub

Join Listrak's Learning & Development Team as you continue to progress through 2022 by optimizing your automated campaigns with Journey Hub. In the second session of the webinars series, we'll focus on the 3 campaigns of Listrak's abandonment suite: page, product, and cart abandonment. Whether you are looking to add new campaigns or enhance and personalize your existing campaigns, Journey Hub makes it quick and easy to target your contacts in multiple channels.

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Building Engagement Campaigns in Journey Hub

Learn how Journey Hub can be used to engage contacts who may not be subscribed to your marketing program.

From conducting polls to following up when a contact completes a form, learn two engagement campaigns - SMS Info Campaigns and Journey's Hub's Custom Events - to harness multi-channel functionally to engage contacts.

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Building Alerts Suite Campaigns in Journey Hub

In today's environment, letting your customers know when a product is available to purchase is a critical aspect of keeping them engaged. With Listrak's Alerts Suite, you can notify contacts if a product is now back in stock, dropped in price, or getting to low inventory levels. Join the Learning & Development team to learn how to easily create these campaigns in Journey Hub.

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