The Data Management action step is available in the action section of the Journey Hub element selector for all journey types. Within the action step you can subscribe or unsubscribe a contact.

How does the Subscribe/Unsubscribe Action work?

The subscribe/unsubscribe action allows you to have further control over managing contacts who enter your journeys. In order for Listrak to send a message (SMS or email) from within a journey, a contact's information must be subscribed to a list in order to receive messages.

The subscribe/unsubscribe action allows you to change the status of a contact on a list when they reach the action step in a journey. In the step, you can configure the specific list details. A contact who was previously unsubscribed from a list can be re-subscribed using this action. It can also be combined with the subscription status decision split to take action on specific contacts based on their current subscription status.

⚠️ When a contact is subscribe via this action, they will be triggered into a list subscription campaign (if created) for the specified list. If contacts should not be entered into these campaigns, use entry prevention rules, such as Contact is in a Journey to prevent this from occurring.

What are some common use cases?

You may find many different uses for this step as you build out your cross-channel campaigns at Listrak.

One of the most common use cases is to support Journey Hub's cross-channel orchestration capabilities to send SMS messages. For instance, your purchaser may already be opted into your SMS program, but they are not subscribed to your Post Purchase email list. Positioning this action step in a Purchase Journey prior to the first message element will allow a contact to receive your messages.

Another use case will involve the Custom Event Journey type. Custom Events allow you to use Listrak's Cross-Channel API to enter contacts into a journey based on criteria you identify. If these contacts are not already subscribed to a list or has previously unsubscribed, you can use the subscribe/unsubscribe action to add them to the list, or use the action step to add them to a list that is specific to the custom event. Learn more about setting up Custom Events.

A third use case would be to change a contact's subscription on a list based on their engagement in a journey. For example, you may choose to unsubscribe a contact from a different list due to their engagement (or lack thereof) with a message in your journey. In a path of the decision split, placing the subscribe/unsubscribe action in a specific path allows you to change the status for contacts based on specific criteria.

Using the Data Management Step in a Journey

To use the data management step to subscribe or unsubscribe a contact when they reach it in a journey, follow the steps below:

  1. Place the action onto the canvas in the desired location

  2. In the properties panel, give your step a name, if desired

  3. Select the desired action (subscribe or unsubscribe)

  4. Select the specific channel

  5. Select the list(s) where the desired action will occur

    💡 You can add multiple lists to the selector

  6. Continue to add additional steps based on your goals

⚠️ When subscribing contacts, ensure that the contacts have opted into receiving these messages.

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