Workflow message reporting is available in the Workflow channel within the Listrak Platform. 

  1. Click the Listrak logo
  2. Select Workflow from the drop-down 

Viewing Message Reporting 

Once in the workflow channel you can view message-level reporting for any message sent using Workflow.

  1. Navigate to Analytics 
  2. Select Message Summary 

In the report the following metrics are available:

  • Messaging Channel
  • Name of the Workflow a message was sent from
  • Entry Type of the Workflow a message was sent from
  • Message Step Name
  • Message Subject Line (email channel only)
  • Workflow Publish Date
  • Message Metrics, including:
    - Message Sent
    - Message Bounced
    - Number of Clicks
    - Number of Conversions
    - Message Revenue

Use the date picker to view metrics for a specific time frame.  Use the Show/Hide Columns feature to display the columns most relevant to your reporting goal.

the Export feature allows you to download the Message Summary report as an Excel file. All columns are included in the export, including hidden ones. The exported data reflects the date range selected for the report, with the date range identified in the file name of the exported report.

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