You can gain greater insight into the performance of a specific broadcast message. To access the individual message report dashboard, following the below steps.

  1. Select your short code.

  2. Navigate to Campaign > select Broadcast Messages.

  3. In the Sent tab at the bottom of the page, click the underlined name of the message you would like to analyze.

Message Dashboard

Message Details

  • Message Name: The name given to a broadcast for identification.

  • Message Type: The type of message selected for a broadcast.

  • Send Date and Time: The date and time your message was sent.

  • List: The list applied to the broadcast message.

  • Filters Applied: An option to view the filters, if any, that were applied to this broadcast.

Link and conversion analytics are applicable when links are included in your message and conversion analytics are enabled.

  • Unique Clicks: The number of unique users that have clicked a link within in your message.

  • Total Clicks: The number of clicks that have happened as a result of your message.

  • Conversion Count: The number of conversions generated as a result of your messages.

  • Conversion Rate: The percentage of conversions to links clicked.

  • Revenue: The amount of revenue generated by your message.

  • Average Order Value (AOV): The average order value of orders placed as a result of your message.

Standard Content

  • Count: The count of messages that were sent to your list.

  • Coupon Pool: An indicator to show coupon usage within your message.

  • Broadcast: The original message content.

  • Data Confirmation: is used only for data acquisition broadcasts. This is the response message sent to message recipients that responded with the data requested.


  • Response Count: is used only for data acquisition broadcasts. This is a count of the number of recipients that responded with the data requested.

  • Time Zone Optimization: A breakdown of the time zone, send time, and count of recipients in that time zone.

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