The Segment Performance Report allows you to view how a segment is engaging with your broadcast messages over the past 30 days. Access the Segment Performance Report by following the below steps.

  1. Navigate from the home menu to Analytics.
  2. Go to Message Analytics.
  3. Then Message Activity - Segment Performance Report.

You can also click the View Segment Performance button on the Message Activity Report. 

Once navigated to the Segment Performance report, drill deeper by clicking Edit Filter to define a segment.

This report reflects the current state of an email address. This may mean if you're looking for activity-based filters you have to add additional parameters to your segment to fine-tune the results.


  • Acquisition Source: What acquisition source leads to highly engaged subscribers?
  • New Subscribers: How are new subscribers engaging?
  • CRM or Smart Audiences: How are audiences that you've identified as important groups engaging with your messaging?
  • Personas: Do different personas have different engagement patterns?
  • Location-Based: How are subscribers in a particular country, state, or zip code engaging with your messaging?
  • Interests, Brands, or Categories: Are certain interests more engaged than others?
  • Non-Buyers: How active are your non-buyers and what can you do to convert them?

You can filter on any profile or engagement data!

Note: This report only offers filtering with legacy filters and audiences, not new filter or saved segments.

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