The Audience Performance Report allows you to view how a group of contacts interacted with messages sent within the last 30 days. You can apply a filter to this report to determine if there were differences in opens, conversions, and other metrics for groups that meet different criteria.

The Audience Performance Report can be accessed under Analytics > Message Analytics Audience Performance Report.

Edit the Filter

The Edit Filter at the bottom of the chart will allow you to define the specific criteria that a contact must meet in order to be reflected in the engagement metrics.

💡 The filter will show the results for contacts who currently meet the criteria you define.

  1. Click Edit Filter at the bottom of the page to define a segment.

  2. Select your criteria using Listrak's legacy filter system

  3. Click Go to update the metrics based on the applied filter.

Once a filter has been applied the data in the chart will reflect the contacts who are currently in your filtered group and how they interacted with the messages. You can choose to include or exclude unsubscribers by selecting the checkbox.

📌 Including unsubscribers can help you understand if certain groups disengage from specific types of messages or messages with certain content.


  • Acquisition Source: What acquisition source leads to highly engaged subscribers?

  • New Subscribers: How are new subscribers engaging?

  • CRM or Smart Audiences: How are audiences that you've identified as important groups engaging with your messaging?

  • Personas: Do different personas have different engagement patterns?

  • Location-Based: How are subscribers in a particular country, state, or zip code engaging with your messaging?

  • Interests, Brands, or Categories: Are certain interests more engaged than others?

  • Non-Buyers: How active are your non-buyers and what can you do to convert them?

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