The Audience Performance Report allows you to view how a segment engaged with your broadcast messages within a 30-day period. Modify the date range to fit your needs by selecting from the dropdown.

Access the Audience Performance Report by following the below steps:

  1. Navigate from the home menu to Analytics.

  2. Go to Message Analytics.

  3. Then click the Message Activity - Audience Performance Report.

Edit the Filter

You will need to define a segment in order to evaluate its performance by following the steps below:

  1. Click Edit Filter at the bottom of the page to define a segment.

  2. Apply the filter (using Listrak's legacy filter system). You can filter on any profile or engagement data.

NOTE: This report reflects the current state of an email address. This may mean if you're looking for activity-based filters you have to add additional parameters to your segment to fine-tune the results.


  • Acquisition Source: What acquisition source leads to highly engaged subscribers?

  • New Subscribers: How are new subscribers engaging?

  • CRM or Smart Audiences: How are audiences that you've identified as important groups engaging with your messaging?

  • Personas: Do different personas have different engagement patterns?

  • Location-Based: How are subscribers in a particular country, state, or zip code engaging with your messaging?

  • Interests, Brands, or Categories: Are certain interests more engaged than others?

  • Non-Buyers: How active are your non-buyers and what can you do to convert them?

NOTE: This is not available with Listrak's New Filter or saved Segments.

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