An invaluable benefit of the Cart Abandonment (SCA) solution is the ability to see your customer's shopping intent, meaning, you know what they are considering for purchase before they ever act on it. Take, for example, a shopper that puts items in their shopping cart that have an extremely high total value. Customers that are making a large purchase, such as an engagement ring, or new supplies for their entire office building, are most likely price comparison shopping. You have the power to reach out to those customers and solidify the deal. Use Listrak Conductor to add a step in your conversation that notifies customer service when a shopper abandons a high-value cart. You can then contact the shopper or send a personalized message to incentivize them to complete the purchase.

Setting Up Notifications for High Value Carts

In this scenario, we'll set up a notification to our customer service team when customers abandon carts valued over $2,500 and send them a different, tailored, message to contacts with high value carts.

  1. Confirm you are on the list associated with your cart abandonment campaign.

  2. Navigate to Automation > Conductor Conversations.

  3. Select your Cart Abandonment conversion.

  4. Ensure you're using the working version of your conversation by selecting it from the drop-down menu.

Create a New Thread

  1. Create a new thread by clicking the Add Thread (green plus) icon.

  2. Add a  Wait Step, a  Message Step, and a  Goto Step.

    💡 The Goto step will be used to direct contacts back to your main abandonemnt thread after message 1. If you would like to send an entirely different series to high value abandoners add additional wait and message steps instead of a goto step.

  3. Move the entire thread up to be positioned directly below your abandoned carts thread by clicking the Up Arrow icon.

  4. Click the Trigger Step and give it a meaningful name. e.g. "Cart Value Over $2500."

  5. Select the No Events Required checkbox.

    💡 This means contacts can only enter the thread if sent to this location

Adjust the Properties

  1. Click the Wait Step and adjust the timing.

  2. Click Update.

  3. Open the Message Step in the high value thread.

    1. If desired, override the default name by selecting the checkbox and rename the step to reflect the settings.

    2. Click Edit a Saved Message to add the new message to high value subscribers.

    3. Select the message.

    4. Click Commit at the bottom of the page.

    5. Click Commit Message to Conversation once you have confirmed all settings.

  4. Click the Goto Step (if using).

    1. In the Goto Tab, select the first Wait Step after the first Message Step in the original thread.

    2. The Segment filter tab will be left blank to redirect all contacts.

    3. Override the Default Name. We'll call this "Redirect."

Trigger the Notification

  1. Click the Message Step you just created.

  2. Click the Notification tab. This is where we'll define who receives the notification and what it contains.

    1. Add your email recipient (who will receive the notifications).

    2. Add a subject line and message body.

💡 Use personalization tags to include information such as first name, last name, and even cart contents. You can grab these tags by navigating to Messages > Email New Broadcast Email > Personalization Control Panel and clicking the individual fields you'd like to copy from the personalization fields list. If desired, you can also use HTML markup in the message section of the notification. 

Sending Contacts to the High Value Thread

In this section you will determine which contacts should move to the high value thread.

  1. Add a Goto Step after the trigger step in the abandoned cart thread.

  2. In the Goto tab. click on first wait step in the high value thread.

  3. Click the Segment Filter tab and New Filter.

    1. Select Profile Field Groups.

    2. Then the field group for your cart information.

      💡 This is typically named SCA or Cart Abandonment.

    3. Select CartTotal (or a similarly named field).

    4. Select Is Greater Than.

    5. Input the value their cart should exceed in order to send the notification.

    6. Click Update.

    7. Then click Update again.

  4. If desired, override the name of the step.

  5. Then click Update again.

You can now publish your conversation. Contacts will now receive a different message 1 if they abandon a high value cart and a notification will be sent to the contact(s) you specified.

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