The Advanced Wait Builder is a tool that allows you to create time-sensitive, highly individualized campaigns. We've laid out some specific examples below, along with their settings in the builder to get you started with some ideas.


First, navigate to the advanced wait builder by following the below steps:

  1. Navigate from the home menu to Authoring.

  2. Go to Listrak Conductor

  3. Then Conversations

  4. Select your conversation or create a new one.

  5. Access the advanced wait builder by clicking into any Wait Step and choosing it from the wait type drop-down menu.

TIP: In order to execute the below examples, you'll need to have customer segment fields set up for information such as birthday, birth month, anniversary, etc. Learn how to set these up in Adding Audiences to a List.


A hotel chain that is promoting their weekend getaway packages wants to target couples celebrating their anniversaries. In order to give the couples time to plan the trip, and schedule time away from work, the email promotion should go out four weeks prior to the anniversary date.

NOTE: We use an increment of one year starting on the date the step is entered. This does not mean, however, that the step will be repeated. In order to repeat the step, you can include a Goto Step that sends the shopper back into the Wait Step.


A skincare and cosmetics company has a cheeky sense of humor and decides that to stand out from the crowd, they'll send a "happy belated birthday" message. The message is triggered to send one week after the shopper's birthday.


A jewelry store can easily determine birthstones based on the information they've gathered from their shoppers-- birth month. They decide to send out a campaign showcasing personalized birthstone jewelry. This campaign is slated to go out the first day of the shopper's birth month.


A department store sent out a birthday coupon to all of their valued shoppers that is valid for the entirety of their birth month. They want to ensure that an additional email goes out one week before the end of the month reminding them that the coupon will soon expire. 

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