The history replay tab allows you to view a contact's complete history after they have moved through the conversation. It provides a visual demonstration of how the contact moved through each step and also allows you to see if they entered the conversation multiple times.

⚠️ The contact must have gone through the conversation at least once to be eligible for history replay. A pop-up notification will appear informing you if the contact has never entered the conversation and thus, would be ineligible for replay.

  1. Navigate to Automation >Conductor Conversations.

  2. Click on the conversation you'd like to view.

  3. Click the History Replay tab.

  4. Type in the email address of the contact for which you'd like to view history.

  5. Click Initialize. This will load that specific contact's information.

Viewing Options

You have two options for viewing the contact's journey through your email conversion:

  • Next Step: Click Next Step to go through the conversation manually.

  • Play: Click Play to watch the path the contact took through the conversation automatically. 

Conversation Replay Panel

A complete history for each step the contact passed through is displayed in the conversation replay panel. The text is bolded for each time the contact has entered the conversation. You can click on any step in the right-hand panel to jump to that step and play, or step forward.

  • Click on the step icons or the drop-down carrot to view the following details:

  • Date and time that the contact entered the step

  • Name of the step

  • External event (for new trigger step only)

  • Step number and thread name

Deleted Steps

If a step no longer exists, history replay will skip over it until it finds the next step in the history that still exists. If steps have been added to the conversation since the contact ran through it, the history replay will simply skip over the steps.

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