Listrak offers an internationalization feature when creating messages. This feature allows the use of international alphabet characters in an email message. This option only applies to character sets different from the American English alphabet, such as Japanese or Russian.

The default character set in Listrak is UTF-8. If the characters in your email are not supported by UTF-8, change the character sets for an individual message during the creation process. The standard used outside of UTF-8 when this feature is enabled is ISO-8859. For more information on ISO-8859 character sets, please see these resources:

Enabling Additional Character Sets

Before a character set can be used in an individual message, the setting must be enabled for each list where it will be used.

  1. In the list navigation, ensure you are on the correct list.

  2. Navigate to Settings > Email Settings List Settings.

  3. In the Message Composition section, locate the Internationalization question.

  4. Toggle the setting to yes to enable additional encoding.

  5. Click Commit Changes at the bottom of the screen.

Changing the Character Set in a Message

Once the setting has been enabled you can change the character set for any message sent from the list.

  1. Navigate to a new message or open a saved message.

  2. Locate the Advanced Message Settings.

  3. Select your desired character set from the drop-down menu.

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