Exporting a list of contacts allows you to export the email address as well as profile fields and other information about your contacts on a specific email list in Listrak. This data can then be analyzed, filtered, or added to third-party systems.

Accessing Your Contact List

Before beginning the export process, ensure that you are on the list that contacts are subscribed to. Use the list navigation drop-down at the top of the page to access the correct option. Then navigate to Contacts > Email Contacts View Subscribed Contacts.

💡 You can also use this process to export Unsubscribe Contacts by going to View Unsubscribed Contacts.

By default, contacts subscribed in the last 30 days are shown. Use the date range picker to adjust the subscription date range.

💡 Use the All option to view all contacts currently subscribed to a specific list

You can also filter contacts to export based on their email address or by applying a filter. Learn more about exporting a specific group of contacts.

Filtering to a Specific Group of Contacts

Often, you may need to export a group of subscribed contacts who meet a specific criteria. Use Listrak's legacy filter system to determine the criteria the contacts must meet.

  1. Select the specific timeframe in the date range picker. This will look at contacts who subscribed in the timeframe and then check to see if they meet the selected criteria.

  2. Scroll to the bottom of the list of contacts.

  3. Click Edit Filter.

  4. Build you filter or select a saved audience and Apply Filter.

  5. Click Go.

Contacts will now be filtered by your criteria.

What types of filters can I apply?

Below are some common use cases for filtering contacts:

  • Filter by the value of a specific profile field. e.g. contacts who subscribed via the popup source.

  • Find contacts who purchased specific products, categories, or more based on your product data in Listrak.

  • Identify active contacts based on their engagement with your email program. e.g. Contacts who clicked within the last 90 days

  • Use a previously created saved audience to quickly identify contacts.

⚠️ Some segmentation capabilities are based on the access granted in your Listrak account. If you have any questions about what is enabled please contact your Account Manager.

Export Process

Once you have determined the list of contacts to export follow the steps below:

  1. Click on the Export Icon (download arrow) in the top right corner

  2. Select the export format of your document

  3. Next, choose any segmentation (profile) fields to include when exporting contacts. Only profile fields saved on your selected list will appear. Check the box for each data point or click select all to select every field.

    💡 Email, Subscribe Date, and Method are included in the exported file by default

  4. Then, choose any system fields to include when exporting contacts. Check the box for each data point or click select all to select every field.

    ⚠️ Segmentation and system fields selections are only available for .csv and .xls export formats. You will not see this option if using a .pdf format.  

  5. Select whether you want to download the file through a browser (web) or receive an email with a link or attachment.

    💡 If selecting "Web" option for a large list, you may receive a notification that your export will take more time to process. You will receive an email with a link to download your export when it is ready. If exporting more than 100K contacts select the "Email" option to prevent this from occurring.

  6. If you've selected email as your delivery method, select your recipients. The email address that is available is the address that is tied to the username in Listrak.

  7. Select the Attach to Email option to include the file directly in the email. If this option is not selected the email will include a link to download the file which remains valid for 3 days.

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