It is possible that after an email is sent, you would like to replace an image that was used in the original email to add clarity or fix an error. By placing the new or updated image in the same file location that is referenced in your sent email the new image will load when the email is opened.

If a contact has already opened the email with the old image it may take an hour or two for the new image to appear because some mail inboxes cache images. When the inbox refreshes the cache the new image will appear.

The process below can be used to replace an image on your external image hosting service or within Listrak's media library.

  1. Determine the file location of the file you would like to replace.

  2. Make note of the name of the image file.

  3. Copy down the file path of the image location.

  4. Delete the 'old' image you would like to replace in the media library.

    💡 Access the media library under Content > Media Library.

  5. Save the new image with the exact same file name as the file you deleted.

  6. Upload the new file to the exact same location as the file you deleted.

  7. Confirm the new file path matches the file name you copied in step 3.

As new contacts open the email they will now see the email populate with the new image file and previous openers will see the new file appear after their email inbox clears the cache, if applicable.

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