Listrak's media library makes it easy for email marketers to store, manage, and insert files into email campaigns while eliminating technical difficulties and dependency on in-house IT departments.


Image files, including .jpg, .gif, and .png, can be used within your the code of your messages, while other file types, such as .pdf documents, can be linked to within the message. The media library includes 25 MB of storage space and 3 GB of data transfer by default. The current disk usage can be seen in the top left-hand side of the media library.

💡 Contact your account manager to discuss adding additional storage space to your library.

Accessing the Media Library

To access the main media library page navigate to Content > Content Media Library.

In the media library you can add, move, rename, delete, and otherwise manage your files.

💡 You can also access the media library and complete any of the actions described below directly in the Listrak Composer interface.

Using the Media Library

File Tree View

The media library tree view that appears when you first open the media library allows for a high-level view of the files and how they are organized. To open a folder, click the Expand icon next to the folder name. To close a folder, click the Collapse icon next to the folder name.

When image files are selected in the tree view, a preview of the image is displayed in the main window. This image is resized to fit the display area but you can click the image to zoom to full resolution. Other file types will show an icon representing the selected file type.

The media URL area will display the URL to access the selected file. This can be used to insert the image into your HTML code or link to the file. All file types will show the file size and the date the file was uploaded to the media library. Image files will also show the width and height dimensions of the selected image.

The following folders are created by default in the media library. Follow the steps below to create additional sub-folders.

  • Shared Media: Media stored in this folder is accessible to everyone who can create messages in your Listrak account.

  • My Media: Media stored in this folder is only available to the account that uploaded the media. This media will display in emails for all users, but only the uploader can view it in the media library.

  • Recently Deleted: Deleted files will appear in this folder for 30 days after deletion. Deleted files do not count toward your stored media amount.

  • Admin: This folder will only appear for users who have Admin permissions in the account. As the admin of the account, you'll have access to other users' My Media folders that will appear within the admin folder.

Managing Media

Create a New Folder

A folder can help you stay organized and quickly find the files to add to your email. These folders should be created as sub-folders in the Shared or My Media folders discussed above.

  1. Locate the folder the new folder should be nested within.

  2. Click on the folder name.

  3.  Click the Add Folder icon or right-click on the existing folder. 

  4. Give the new folder a name.

  5. Click OK.

💡 For best results folder names should not contain spaces or special characters

Upload Media

1. Click on the name of the folder or sub-folder the media should be saved within.

2. Click the Upload button or drag-and-drop images into the selected folder. The upload option will open your file browser.

⚠️ Some older browser versions may not support drag-and-drop functionality.
3. Select the file(s) to be imported. Select multiple files by using the CTRL key.

6. Click Open in your file browser when using the upload option or drag the files on the area for the drag-and-drop option. Each file selected will show a progress bar as it is uploaded to Listrak. Once your files have completed the transfer, the screen will refresh and the new media will be available in the correct folder.

⚠️ Only 1,500 files may be uploaded to a single folder. If you need to add additional images create a new folder or sub-folder.

Delete Media

Delete media to create more storage space or optimize the media library by removing files you no longer need.

1. To delete a folder or a single item, click on that item.

2. Click on the Delete Item icon at the top of the media library, or right click on a selected file and click Delete.

3. A confirmation pop-up window will appear. Click Yes to delete the item.

⚠️ Email previews, emails saved in a contact's email. or any other linked file will no longer load the deleted file.

Restore Media

Media is able to be restored for 30 days after it was deleted.

  1. Click on the Recently Deleted icon.

  2. Then click on the image file you want to restore.

  3. Click Restore.

Rename Media

Images and files can be renamed after the asset has been added.

  1. Locate the media you want to rename. 

  2. Click the Rename icon at the top of the media library or right click on the file or folder and select Rename from the menu.

  3. Enter a new name and click Ok

⚠️ Deleting, renaming, deleting an image may result in breaking an image link used in an HTML or Composer message. The media URL is unique to a specific image name. An image URL should be re-added to an HTML message or re-browsed for in a Composer message.

Exporting Media

You can export the Listrak media using the export feature.

  1.  Click the Export Folder icon at the top of the media library or right click the folder you'd like to export.

  2. Select recipients by selecting users that you have previously created using User Manager.

  3. Then Export.

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