Adding a background image to your email is a unique way to enhance the overall content of an email by setting a tone and showcasing a brand. You can add a full width image or fit the image to the message body.

Adding a Background Image

  1. Navigate to an email built with Listrak Composer, or Create a New Message.

  2. Click the Row of a component. Click on the space outside the message content (dotted lines).

  3. On the right-hand side of the palette, scroll to the Background Image section. Click Browse or enter an Image Source.

  4. Select an image from the Media Library or enter an Image Source.

Adjusting the Properties

After an image is inserted into the message, you can:

  • Control the width of the image

    • Full Width images expand beyond the 600px border of the content, like the example above

    • Fit to Content images will only show behind the 600px space of the content in the row

  • Remove the image

  • Adjust the spacing and border of the row

Adding a Background Color

Not all email programs will display a background image. To help ensure proper rendering of your email, a background color should be used. This background color is often the dominant color of the background image, but can be any color.

  1. In the properties panel, locate the Row Properties.

  2. Select the row background color (for full width) or content background color (for fit to content)

  3. Specify a recently used color, new hex value, or use the color picker to select a color.

Adding Additional Content

After a background image has been added, drag and drop different content elements to build your email. All of the properties remain for these elements.

In the example, three different text components and a button were added.

Suggested Dimensions

  • Full-width images display best at a minimum width of 1440px.

  • Fit-to-content images should be 600px wide.

  • Image resolution should be 72 dpi with a low or medium quality for reduced file size and optimal download speed.


  • If an image is too small to fill the width/height of a container or has an image resolution greater than 72 dpi, the image will tile/repeat in some inboxes, such as Outlook. Other inboxes may render the image at its natural file size instead of scaling to fit. Refer to the image specs above.

  • Don't include text or other essential elements in background images.

  • Full-width background images are not supported in Outlook (2007, 2010, 2013, and 2016) desktop inboxes. Be sure to apply a row or content background color as a fallback.

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