When launching Transactional Journey campaigns you will need to disable the default Shopify transactional notifications. Disabling these notifications reduces the number of messages a customer will receive about their order. When disabling notifications you have the option disable SMS messages if launching SMS-only Transactional Journeys or SMS and email messages if launching a journey that includes email.

Disabling Notifications for SMS-Only Transactional Journeys

When disabling notifications for SMS-only Transactional Journeys you must have specific settings available in your Shopify Plus configuration. If these configurations are not available the you will need to configure your journey to send both email and SMS messages to ensure your customers get notifications about your order.

To disable SMS-only notifications navigate to the Settings page of your Shopify Plus account.

In the Checkout section, find the Customer Contact heading.

To disable SMS notifications from sending in Shopify the following two settings must be configured:

1) In the To check out section the Customers can only check out using email should be selected

2) The Shipping Updates checkbox should be Unchecked

Disabling Notifications for Email and SMS Journeys

Below are the two different methods to disable a Shopify transactional notification for journeys that contain email messages. The method used to disable these notifications will differ based on the type of notification.

Transactional Notifications Disabled by a Shopify Merchant Success Manager

The following transactional notifications are only able to be turned off by a Shopify Merchant Success Manager:

  • Customer Account Welcome

  • Order Confirmation

  • Order Canceled

  • Order Refund

  • Shipping Confirmation

  • Shipping Update

If working with the Listrak Professional Services team during implementation, please coordinate with your Listrak Project Manager and your Shopify Merchant Success Manager to ensure that these notifications are disabled immediately after enabling your Listrak journey.

Transactional Notifications Disabled in Settings

The following transactional notifications are able to be turned off from the Settings in your Shopify store:

  • Shipment Out for Delivery

  • Shipment Delivered

  1. In your Shopify Account, click on the settings icon

  2. Select the Notifications settings option

  3. Uncheck the Out for delivery and Delivered checkboxes in the Shipping section

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