Listrak's new event listening service allows you to create transactional messaging campaigns powered by Journey Hub. Messages can be easily personalized using the provided personalization tags for both the email and SMS channel. Below are the personalization tags that can be included in a transactional Customer Account Welcome message.

This functionality is only available for Shopify Plus customers at this time.

When creating a message in Listrak Composer, the variables can be selected from the Personalization dropdown in the Text element toolbar. The available tags will be based on the selected entry event when creating the journey. Personalization tags for links specific to entry event will also be available when adding a link to an Composer content element. Any tracking applied to an email or SMS message will be appended to variable tags that include links.

Message Variables

Customer Account Create Date: The date and time the customer created their account, e.g. 05/30/2009 3:34 PM. Note: Formatting is not yet available.


Customer Account Email Address: The customer's email address they used to create the account.


Customer Account Phone: Phone number the customer gave at the time of creating the account.


Customer Account First Name: Returns the value of the First Name field of the customer.


Customer Account Last Name: Returns the value of the Last Name field of the customer.

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