When someone in the EU lands on your website, you are likely going to display a cookie consent banner with a link to your privacy policy. This reduction in screen space means additional consideration must be given to your popup acquisition strategy, particularly on mobile devices where screen space is at a premium.

In many cases, your cookie consent banner should be the first thing a visitor in the EU sees when they land on your website. Listrak does not offer cookie consent banners for your website, but we frequently see retailers loading cookie consent banners at the very top/bottom of the screen on desktop. On mobile, these cookie consent banners are shown at the very top, very bottom or as a lightbox that overtakes the entire screen.

Below are a few options you may consider for configuring your acquisition popups on mobile if you are also using cookie consent banners.

Acquisition Popup Options

Option 1: Delay your acquisition popup to the second page.

Placing your acquisition popup on the second page allows the user to interact with the popup without interfering with the loading of the cookie consent banner. Configure this by following the below steps.

  1. Navigate to the Engagement & Behavior Settings.

  2. Enter Show when Page of Session is: 2

Option 2: Trigger when a user has scrolled halfway down the page.

This will give the user time to consider your cookie policy and engage with your content prior to be presented a mobile acquisition popup.

  1. Navigate to the Trigger Type under Configuration.

  2. Click Scroll.

  3. Then select either Halfway or Bottom for the scroll depth.

Option 3: Load Banner or Button underneath cookie banner.

Use HTML and CSS to ensure your mobile banner or button has a lower z-index than the cookie consent lightbox so that it loads underneath your cookie banner.

Option 4: Add a subscription point to your website above the fold.

This will ensure it loads behind the lightbox or cookie consent popup as part of your website and it will be visible when the lightbox or cookie consent banner is dismissed.

Option 5: Add an on-click event that triggers your acquisition popup to load when the lightbox or cookie popup is dismissed.

1. Navigate to Trigger Type under Configuration.
2. Click Manual.
3. Add an on-click event to your code.

Additional Considerations

If you are already using geolocation technology to detect when a user is in the EU vs. outside the EU, you can use URL targeting to show a different popup experience to the user based on their geolocation when their country or place of origin is stored in the website address URL. 

For example, you may configure your popups to use URL information after you’ve redirected users from Germany using a subdomain, subdirectory, or URL parameter.

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