To aid in editing the HTML for popups, several utility classes are available to more quickly and easily modify the look and feel. Use the below snippets to add to your popup designs. The included screenshots can be used as a directive to where this code needs to be placed. 


Apply any of the following classes to:
<div id="ltkpopup-close-button" class="AddClass">

  • small changes (x) to a small size

  • medium changes (x) to a medium size

  • large changes (x) to a large size

  • xlarge changes (x) to an x-large size

  • thick increases the stroke thickness of the (x)


Apply any of the following classes to:
<div id="ltkpopup-contentarea" class="signup AddClass"> 

  • dark applies a dark theme to the form, button, input, and validation

  • sans-serif applies a default sans-serif font stack using up-to-date system fonts

  • serif applies a classic serif font stack

  • custom applies a custom font. Link your custom font in the HTML, then update this class with the appropriate font name

  • text-left aligns the text left, overriding the default centered text

  • rounded applies rounded corners to the popup

  • border adds a border to the popup 


  • Add border-bottom to the email or text inputs for an underline-style input

  • Add stacked to the div with a class of ltkpopup-inputcontainer to stack the input over the button


The media library allows the loading of images with an https  protocol. Popups may be displayed on http  or https  pages depending on the site. To use https , copy the URL assigned to the image in the media library and replace the URL domain with


 A video container class can be used to embed video. Add class of ltkpopup-videowrapper to a div that wraps the embedded iframe code provided by video services like Vimeo and Youtube. The default styling allows for a 16:9 ratio video. Comments are available in the CSS to explain other settings.

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