Optimize your Page Browse Abandonment campaign by creating filters to send targeted messages specifically based all sorts of criteria such as category, sub-category, brand, and most other attributes in your products file. You can also offer more info to those contacts who perhaps last browsed the customer service or warranty. Read more about page browse examples below.


Below are a few examples that target specific audiences based on page browse. You can even combine them so that all of the filters exist in the same conversation (as shown below). 

  • Category Page: Send these contacts a message about your best-selling sweaters if they last browsed the sweaters page. 

  • Customer Service Page: Send these contacts your contact information, tell them about your Live Chat feature, or simply ask if you can help them. 

  • Warranty Page: Send these contacts FAQs or highlights about your product warranties. 


Begin by setting up the segmentation field that captures the page browse information. This segmentation field is not set up automatically with the Browse Abandonment solution.

  1. Navigate to Solutions > Abandonment Settings.

  2. Select a Merchant, if applicable.

  3. Click Personalization Fields in the upper right-hand corner.

  4. Click Add New Field.

  5. Select the LastPageBrowseActivity folder.

  6. Then PageBrowsed.

  7. 8. Click Next.

  8. Click Save Field.


After you've added the last page browsed segmentation field, add the new threads with the applied filters to your Abandonment Conversation. In this example, we'll build out one thread for the first page browse category.

  1. Navigate to Authoring > Conductor Conversations.

  2. Select your Shopping Cart/Browse Abandonment campaign.

  3. Click the green plus sign at the bottom of the conversation three times. This adds three threads to the conversation for the three page browse examples above.

  4. After you've added the three additional threads, move them to the top of the conversation under the page browse thread.

  5. Add three Goto Steps to the page browse conversation, following the wait step.

  6. Click the Trigger Step for the first thread you added.

  7. Rename the step. For example, Nike Category Browsed.

  8. Select No Events Required.

  9. Click Update.

  10. Add a Message Step and a Wait Step by clicking the green plus sign next to the trigger step.

  11. Add a message to your message step.

  12. Click the Wait Step and enter a wait of one day

  13. Click the first Goto Step in the Page Browse thread.

  14. Rename the step to match the first thread you just created. For example, Goto Nike Category Page Message.

  15. Click the message in that thread as the destination.

  16. Click the Segment Filter tab and apply the following filter:

  17. Click Update.

Repeat the above steps for the second (customer service) and third (warranty) threads, adding the Message and Wait Steps, editing the Goto Steps, and applying the applicable filter to each step.

Now, regular contacts will proceed through your Page Browse Abandonment campaign while those who last browsed the brand Nike, the customer service page, or the warranty page will receive the special branded content relating to what they've browsed. The final conversation should look similar to this:

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