If you'd like to change the offer in your Popup Pro solution to see if the shift will yield better performance, you can do so easily right in the Listrak application. Follow the steps below to update the offer in your popup, and welcome series. In this article, we'll make a simple change from a 10% off to a 20% offer for new customers. You can make additional changes such as creative and text changes as desired. 


If you are not using coupon codes for your offer, you can skip this step. Most commonly, however, you'll include a coupon code in your welcome series offer that is being promoted in the popup. You must create a different coupon when changing the popup so that the coupons are associated with the correct offer. 

1. Navigate from the home menu to Manage.
2. Go to Coupons

💡 Learn more about setting up coupons here.


Now that we have the new 20% off coupon pool, we need to update the Action Step that update the segment with the dynamic coupon code. Follow the below instructions to do so.

  1. In your Listrak Conductor Welcome Series conversation (Authoring > Conductor) click the Action Step that called "Set Welcome Coupon."

    1. 💡 Your Action Step may be called something other than "Set Welcome-Coupon." What you're looking for is the Action Step that is associated with your coupon pool. 

  2. Click the Action Step to update the setting and select your new Coupon Pool from the drop-down menu.

  3. Click Update


Remember, your popup works directly with your Welcome Series solution, so you must change the offer in your welcome series messages as well. Follow the steps below to update the welcome series offer. 

  1. Navigate from the home menu to Authoring.

  2. Go to Conversations.

  3. Locate and select your Welcome Series conversation.

  4. Locate the Popup thread. This is the message series that your popup subscribers will have received. Update any email that contains the popup offer.

  5. Click the Message Step

  6. Click Edit Message

  7. Scroll to the content section and use the WSYWIG, HTML, or Plain Text Editors to update the message content. In this case, all we need to do it update 10% to 20%.

  8. After making your desired edits, click Save as a New Copy.

  9. Click Commit Message.

  10. Then click Commit Message to Conversation. Now the newly updated message is contained in the Message Step.


  1. Navigate from the home menu to Contacts.

  2. Go to Popup Pro.

  3. Select a Popup.

  4. Scroll to the Configuration section and locate the Form HTML.

  5. Find the text containing the offer and update it to reflect the new offer. Make sure not to change any code other than what is necessary to change the offer. 

  6. Update the Confirmation HTML if needed. Remember this is the popup that appears after the customer has entered their email address into the initial popup.

  7. Click Save to save your changes.

For Example: We think that our offer of 15% off our clients' first Style offer isn't quite cutting it. We're going to increase the offer to 20%. We've checked our margins, and this is still a win for us. In the below code, we locate the text containing the offer and modify it to reflect the 20% discount. 

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