Generating Dynamic Barcodes allows shoppers to easily scan them in store.

Barcode Generator

  1. Navigate from the home menu to Solutions.

  2. Then Barcode & QR Code Generator.

    💡 If you don't see this in your account, contact your Account Manager to have this feature enabled.

The barcode generator takes the text in the segmentation field that you have specified and creates a barcode image URL from that text. The barcode generator does not generate or assign dynamic codes to individual subscribers. These codes must already be assigned to the subscriber.

TIP: Create a new barcode for each campaign. When working with dynamic codes, it's important to always double-check that you've selected the correct list and segmentation field since it will likely vary from campaign to campaign.

1. Select the barcode format from the drop-down menu.

2. Then select the dynamic code location. This includes the subscription list, field group, and field. This will map to fields that you have previously set up.

3. Enter the text for code on the live preview.

4. Lastly, update the barcode options to reflect your preferences.

For more information on assigning dynamic coupons to subscribers check out Adding Coupons to Your Automated Campaigns.


1. Enter a static code or select the location of the dynamic code you want to transform into a barcode or QR code.

2. Copy and paste the HTML or URL from your barcode into the HTML of your message. 


A direct URL doesn't have the link wrapped in an image source HTML tag which allows it to be placed immediately on your website or email. This should be used when entering an image source in the WYSIWYG editor. 

NOTE: Before a direct link to your barcode can be inserted into your email with the current WYSIWYG, the image needs to be uploaded to the Listrak media library. 

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