It's easy for your product catalog to become cluttered and full of information that isn't always necessary. This guide is designed to help you maximize your data and prepare it for upload and integrations.


Below are the necessary fields that are required to provide an accurate, clean, and concise product catalog categorized by the header, data type, a short description, and a length if applicable.

  • Alphanumeric: consists of both letters and numbers¬†

  • Decimal: consists of numbers with a fractional part separated from the integer with a decimal separator (e.g. 11.25)

  • Boolean: consists of 0, False, N, No, or 1, True, Y, Yes

  • Integer: consists of whole numbers (no fractions or decimals)


Below are fields that are accepted in your product catalog, but are not necessary. To optimize your product catalog when uploading, consider indicating the following:


When the above required fields are mapped, we recommend using the following optional fields to maximize the recommendation or ad that is being created:

  • Sale Price: Although this is not required, it's good to show customers the sale price vs. the original price to show their savings in product recommendations. Other solutions such as price drop alerts also rely on this information.

  • Product Image: We suggest using an image that measures 600px by 600px and is a in a square JPEG format. The images should be consistently shaped.

  • Meta Fields: Personalizing your meta fields allows for better personalization-- the more you provide, the more detailed your recommendations can be. Depending on the type of product you are advertising, the meta fields will be different.For Example: if we are recommending a specific style of a high heel, our meta fields would include a heel height, materials, aesthetic, etc.

  • Badging: Badging indicates how many are left in stock, when an item flagged as on sale, etc.¬†

As you can see in the above example, this recommendation includes a style name and number, the type of shoe, price, and a ratings number, just at a glance. Even more details would be included when the product is clicked on.

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