Listrak's standard unsubscribe link leads to a generic Listrak confirmation screen after a contact clicks on a link. For a more tailored experience, you can direct a contact to a customized landing page. For example, if you create a unique unsubscribe confirmation page, you can send contacts there when they click unsubscribe instead of the following generic opt-out page:

To do this, add ?redir=[[ Your URL Here]] to the end of the system link, Listrak's specific link. Custom redirects can be used in an HTML message or in a Composer message.

The steps below create a custom link redirect in a Composer message.

  1. Navigate to an existing saved message or saved content footer.

  2. Navigate to the text element that houses the unsubscribe link.

  3. If your footer does not already include an unsubscribe link:

    1. In a text element, click on the Dynamic Tags drop-down.

    2. Select System Links.

    3. Then Unsubscribe Link.

    4. Adjust the text of the link, if desired.

  4. Highlight the section of your footer that should contain the redirect link.

  5. Click the link icon in the text editing toolbar.

  6. At the end of the Link URL field, paste: ?redir=[[ Your URL Here]]

  7. Replace [[Your URL Here]] with the page contacts should be redirected to when unsubscribing.

    ⚠️ The link should include the http or https protocol.

  8. Save your email or saved content.

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