Segmentation fields are pieces of information about your contacts that can be used across the Listrak Application. Segmentation fields collect information such as first and last name, address, country, phone number, loyalty status, birthday, and email address.

You can create many different segmentation field groups specific to a type of marketing campaign. For example, a Transactional Campaign contains segmentation about an order number, shipping address, and contact information that is used to personalize a transactional message. Whereas a Welcome Series may contain the segments mentioned above, and is used to segment based on a contact's preferences or behaviors. 

  • NOTE: Segments are exclusive to the list on which they're created. For example, if you're creating segments on the Master List, they are only available on this list.

Set up a segmentation field group and segments by following the below steps.

1. Navigate from the home menu to Contacts.
2. Go to Segmentation.
3. Then Modify Existing Field Group.
4. Click Create Field Group.
5. Enter a Field Group Name for the field group, specific to the campaign that it's being used for. For example, Customer Information.
6. Click Save.

7. Add all of your desired fields with the applicable data type. For example, FirstName, LastName, Address, MobilePhone, City, State.

  • NOTE: When adding in the fields, please enter them using camel case to avoid the risk of spaces creating special characters within HTML. For Example, FirstName, LastName, MobilePhone, HomePhone.

8. Click the Save icon to add each field.

Repeat the above steps to create new field groups, or to add new segments to a field group.

After you've created segmentation fields, learn more about how to personalize a message with segmentation or how to filter on these segments when sending a message.

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