You can include easy-access social icons to each of your social media sites by following the below steps.

  1. Drag and drop a Social Component onto the canvas.

  2. Click Edit to modify each social network.

  3. Enter the link URL to your social media site.

  4. Add more networks by clicking Add Social Network.

  5. Remove social networks by clicking Edit.

  6. Then Delete.

After adding the links you can adjust the style to choose between black, white, and full color. You can also adjust the shape, size, and spacing.

Custom Social Icons
If you use a custom design or color for your social icons on your site you can mimic these in your email program using Listrak's Custom Social Icons.


  2. Then Add Custom Icon.

  3. Click Edit on the newly added custom card.

    1. Enter the Name of the social network.

    2. Enter the Link URL for the social network.

    3. Choose Browse to select an image from the media library or Image Source to reference a third party source.

      ⚠️ Image size must be 96 x 96px.

Some of our favorites! ❤

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