• A named group of contacts sharing attributes based on a defined filter. Contacts are moved in and out of an audience as their attributes change.


  • A mathematical transformation of values. Apply functions and format data to update your visualizations with calculated fields.


  • A cohort is a group of contacts that have performed similar behavior trends.


  • The analysis of the group of contacts that have performed the similar behavior trends over-time. These are unchanging groups and typically analyzed over a specific time frame.


  • A decile is the same as 10% (basically the decile analysis is showing 10 equal groups of customers). So if you take a group of anything and divide it by 10, each group would be considered a “decile." This can be applied to whatever metric you want to look at. 


  • Dimensions are Individual data points (order number, shipping number, etc.) that can be represented to break down the data in a column, table with calculations or combinations applied.


  • A high-level grouping used as the starting point for data exploration. Select this based on the type of question you'd like to ask.


  • A filter allows you to define rules to segment your data by available dimensions and measures.


  • Looks, also referred to as pre-built tiles, are individual data visualizations that can be viewed on their own or utilized within a dashboard.


  • The numerical metric that's being used in the visualization.


  • Used when analyzing large groups of data to transform and summarize selected columns and rows to obtain a desired report structure or data visualization.


  • A group of contacts who had or has a set of criteria in common. Creating segments allows you to target the group of contacts who fit that criteria at the time the segment was created. 


  • A general pattern that data follows over-time.

TTM (Trailing Twelve Months)

  • Trailing twelve months is a measurement calculating a twelve month period immediately before the date of the pulled report. 

TY (This Year)

  • A report of the current calendar year.


  • Visualizations are the chart, graph, text, table, or map chosen to represent your data on the dashboard from the tiles that you've created.


  • Cartesian Charts: Column, Bar, Scatter, Line, Area

  • Pie and Donut Charts: Pie Chart, Donut Multiples Chart

  • Progression Charts: Funnel Chart, Timeline Chart

  • Text and Tables: Single Value Chart, Single Record Chart, Table Chart

  • Maps: Interactive Map Chart, Map Regions Chart, Map Points Chart

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