Adding Predictive Content to your emails in Listrak Composer allows you to send targeted, timely content to customers without the hassle of creating multiple emails. You can now add Predictive Content to your emails in Listrak Composer by following the below steps.

  1. Navigate to Messages > Email New Email Broadcast.

  2. Navigate to Composer.

  3. Then to Personalization.

  4. Drag and drop the Predictive Content element onto the canvas. Multiple elements can be added.

  5. Once the element has been added, sample content from your website will appear dynamically in the given template.

💡 As you begin designing, keep in mind that you're designing a template for these content items, not just the content you're seeing in the message. Each person on your list will see different content in their email depending on their interests and recent activities.

Changing the Layout

You can change the layout of your content once the element is added in Composer by following the below steps.

  1. Hover over the row containing your content.

  2. Click Layout.

You can choose from: hero, image left, and image right.


The properties tab of a specific content piece opens when you click a content section of your email. The properties tab allows you to style the image, title, and description.

  • Image Properties: You can turn the image on/off, adjust the width, and configure the padding.

  • Title and Description Options: You can turn the title or description on/off, select your fonts, and configure the padding.

  • Backup Recipe: By default, if an email is opened by someone with no activity or interest date, populated content trending on your website will be displayed. You can change the backup recipe in the properties tab.

Adding Additional Predictive Content

Click and drag additional Predictive Content elements onto the canvas.

💡 You may see duplicated content pieces as a preview when building your message. Use the preview function or send a test email to see populated content. 

Changing the Merchant

If your account has more than one merchant, content is pulled from the default merchant that is specified on the List Settings page. If no merchant is specified, content is pulled from the first merchant alphabetically. You can override the default merchant specified in the List Settings by following the below steps.

  1. Navigate to the Settings Tab.

  2. Go to Solution Settings.

  3. Then select a Merchant from the drop-down menu.


A: No, the Predictive Content templates have been optimized in their current full-width layouts for max readability on mobile devices.

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