Though the email conversations you set up can continue running indefinitely, you may want to set a specific termination or end date. For example, if you have an email campaign promoting an event, you wouldn't want anyone to receive the event-related, date-sensitive emails. To designate a termination date for your conversation:

1. Navigate from the home menu to Authoring.
2. Go to Listrak Conductor.
3. Then Conversations.
4. Select the working version of the conversation by clicking on the subject.

5. You are now viewing the conversation in Conductor. Click the Conversation Properties icon

6. Scroll to the bottom of the properties window and enter your desired Termination Date. On this date, the conversation will be closed to new participants, meaning no one new will be able to receive the message.

NOTE: Participants already in the conversation will also be removed from the conversation. 

7. To make the changes live, you must publish the conversation. In the Conductor conversation, click the Validate & Publish icon

8. Click Publish Conversation

9. When you come back to the properties, you will notice a Termination Date that is set for a future date. 

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