Post Purchase Campaigns can be used to thank your customers, acknowledge their loyalty to your brand, or even win them back if they haven't purchased from you in a little while. Add Product Recommendations to include more personalized content relevant to your shoppers and the Post Purchase campaign.


The overall goal of a Post Purchase campaign is to use a customers purchase behavior (purchase activity type) to suggest products that are relevant to the content of the campaign. 


  • Goal: This is usually a cross-sell message - you want the customer to come back and buy something to go with their recent purchase.
  • Base Ingredient: Frequently Bought Together, Purchase This Purchase That.
  • Backup Recipe: Top Sellers, Trending (using different attribute).


  • Goal: Leverage what you know (your customer bought something - awhile ago), and try to get the customer to come back. You may consider using other activity types in backup.
  • Base Ingredient: Similar Products, What's New (using same attribute).
  • Backup Recipe: Top Sellers, Trending (using preference data).


  • Goal: Loyalty messages thank your customers for being loyal to your company and brand. Often they will have some have an exclusive sale or incentive.¬†
  • Base Ingredient: Similar Items, What's New, Trending with preference attributes are popular.
  • Backup Recipe: Top Sellers (using preference attributes).
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