You can set up alerts to make sure you never run out of coupon codes for your email campaigns. You can alert yourself, or multiple people that your coupons are running low so you can upload a new batch before the pool runs out.

1. Navigate from the home menu to Solutions.
2. Go to Coupon Manager.
3. On the Coupon Pools page, click the Edit Icon for the desired pool.

4. On the Coupon Pool Settings page, scroll to the notifications section.
5. Type in a Threshold: the number of available coupons at which a notification will be triggered.
6. Enter an email address to be notified in the Notification List text box. This field is required, and an email address must be entered to continue. These contacts will be notified that the coupons are low. You may remove an email address at any time, but there must be one entered to continue.

NOTE: This is a comma delimited list. If you are accustomed to using Outlook, you're used to separating by semi-colons. The system will not recognize the semi-colons and therefore won't send out notifications, so make sure to use commas instead to separate your list.

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