The analytics module has been replaced with Analytics Campaign Types in the Listrak application. The label change will appear on the authoring page and conversion dashboard. The following sections specify the areas within the application that are affected and how. 


1. Navigate from the home menu to Authoring.
2. Go to New Message.
3. Then Analytics Integration

Analytics Module appear as Campaign Type


Listrak has added additional campaign types to the Analytics Campaign Type drop-down menu on the authoring page. This will allow you to better categorize your campaigns for reporting purposes.
The new campaign types are:

  • Anniversary
  • Birthday
  • Newsletter
  • Price Drop Alerts
  • Re-engagement
  • Refer-A-Friend
  • Sale/Special Event
  • Sweepstakes


1. Navigate from the home menu to Solutions.
2. Go to Conversion Dashboard.
3. Then Revenue Breakdown.

You will now see Campaign Type instead of module. 

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