Creating a Web Browser Push Message in Journey Hub

  1. Drag the Web Push element from the Channel section to the desired location on the canvas.

  2. Name the step.

  3. Select the merchant associated with Web Push notifications.

  4. (Optional) Turn on the Message Delivery Settings.

    1. This setting allows you to only send messages during a specific time. Messages that would be sent outside the selected time will be held until the time range is reached.

    2. If using Message Delivery Settings, check the Time Zone Optimized checkbox, if desired.

      💡 Time Zone Optimization uses a contact's IP address to determine their location and send messages during the time range in their time zone.

  5. Select Create Message.

    1. Give the message a title - this is the headline of the push message.

    2. Add the content of the message.

      💡 The character count varies from Browser to Browser.

    3. Personalization ⚠️ An optional feature that is only available in Advanced Abandonment Journeys.

      • Select the type of personalization you want to feature from the dropdown.

        • For example - If the tag is referencing the carted item [[Journey.Cart.Item.ImageURL]], move the tag from the from the message body and place it in the Banner Image URL input field.

    4. Enter the destination URL, this is the landing page the user will be directed to when the message body is clicked. This will NOT be appear on the web push message.

    5. Enter the icon image URL* that will display within the message body.

    6. Enter the banner image URL* of the image that will display above the message body.

      💡 Both the icon and banner images can be uploaded to Listrak's media library or stored externally.

    7. Up to two more actions (optional) can be added by clicking the Add additional actions checkbox. These appear as clickable buttons in the message body.

      • Enter a button name in the action text field.

      • Enter the destination URL.

        ⚠️ The buttons will only appear if the web push notification is presented in a Chrome browser.

    8. Enter values for Google Analytics tracking.

      • Campaign Name (optional) - utm_campaign=[UserCustomized]

      • Campaign Version (optional) - utm_content=[UserCustomized]

      • The UTM source, medium, and the link terms are automatically set, see below for details:

        • utm_source=Listrak

        • utm_medium=WebPush

        • utm_term(s)

          • Primary Link utm_term=[LinkURL]

          • Button 1 utm_term=[Button 1 Text]

          • Button 2 utm_term=[Button 2 Text]

  6. Click Create Journey Web Push Message.

Repeat the steps above for additional messages.

💡 If your messages are similar use the duplicate feature available when the message is selected

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