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SMS Instagram Swipe-to-Join

Convert dedicated Instagram followers into SMS subscribers by setting up Swipe-to-Join Keyword Campaign on Instagram.

SMS List Subscription Campaigns

This new campaign type enables a series of SMS messages to be sent to new subscribers who join via the SMS Subscription Point and allows the same personalization and data acquisition as our Keyword Campaign type.

Contact Card Attachments (.vcf) in MMS

Send a Contact Card Attachment (.vcf) in an MMS. SMS Subscribers can add this file to their contacts and view the company name and logo in their messaging app (instead of the short code) allowing a better branded experience.

Campaign Review Page Button and Alert Update

An alert confirmation pop-up will now appear before sending/scheduling/activating a broadcast message or campaign for an additional layer of protection before sending a broadcast message.

Expanded Custom Profile Fields for SMS

Add, edit, and create up to 15 custom fields to use within your SMS campaign for increased flexibility in segmentation and personalization.

SMS Rest API Enhancements

Created two new API calls for the SMS channel. Immediate Broadcast to send an SMS broadcast message and Unsubscribe Contact to unsubscribe a contact from an SMS list


Deactivate Subscription Points

Keep a list of email and SMS subscription points organized by moving deactivated subscription points to a different tab. Deactivate a subscription point only AFTER the code has been removed from the website.

Additional Profile Field Mappings Enabled

To enable the collection of even more data at the point of acquisition, Profile Field mappings for email can now go up to 30, and the mappings for SMS can go up to 20.

Subscription Point Enhancements

  • The Subscription Point landing page has been modernized, and now includes SMS Subscription Points for acquisition on the website.
  • When creating a new Subscription Point, you can now select to create a subpoint for either Email or SMS
  • Subscription Points is now located in the Contacts menu on the navigation bar for both Email and SMS channels
  • Offer Mappings has been deprecated, terminology was updated for consistency across the Email and SMS channels

Javascript Subscription Code Integration

Integrating subscription point code to website forms can now be used to collect phone numbers and subscribe customers to SMS campaigns, similar to using website forms to collect email addresses.


Additional Purchase History Criteria in Segment Filter 2.O

The most popular purchase history critera can be configured in the new Segment Filter 2.0 to target customers including: order item brand, order item category, order item SKU, order total, order item size, order item master SKU, order item color, order name, order item style, order item meta 1-5, order item quantity and order item price.

Saved Segments for Reuse

Email filter rules can be created, deleted, edited, duplicated, saved and sorted from the Segment manager.


Shopify Plus Certified Public App

Listrak is an official Shopify Plus Certified Technology Partner. While we have been a partner for a few years, Shopify Plus created their Certification program “for partners who provide a level of product quality that meets the advanced requirements of Shopify merchants."

Public App Store Landing Page

Listrak now has a public-facing Shopify Plus App page where you can easily integrate your Shopify online store with Listrak.

Shopify Transactional Messages in Workflow

Shopify Transactional Message feature allows you to easily send email and SMS transactional messages through Listrak instead of Shopify Plus. Use new Workflow triggers to create each of these messages: Customer Account Welcome, Order Confirmation, Order Cancelled, Order Refund, Shipping Confirmation, Shipping Update, Shipment Out for Delivery and Shipment Delivered.


SMS List Subscription Workflows

Build a workflow based on an SMS List Subscription entry event. When shoppers subscribe to a client's short code, they will be entered into this workflow. Two new decision splits (SMS Subscription Source and Marketing Status Split for SMS) will send users down different paths for personalized experiences.

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