Tap-to-join mobile popups are an incredibly effective feature to convert new subscribers. With one tap, visitors to your mobile website can subscribe to text messages through a seamless sign-up flow. The best part: It's easy to embed a custom tap-to-join mobile responsive popup on your website.

Adding a tap-to-join feature to your mobile responsive popup requires a few simple updates to an HTML element.


Using Popup Pro or your own code editor, add the HTML included in the example below. Be sure to include mobile styles that show and hide your tap-to-join button at the appropriate breakpoints. Your tap-to-join button should only be shown on mobile devices from which SMS messages can be sent and received.

Don't forget to add your own SMS toll-free number or short code and opt-in keyword when copying the example HTML code.

Use one of the two following examples:

<a class="ltkpopup-tap-to-join" href="sms://18775556401/" data-sms-keyword="LISTRAK">
<span>Tap To Join</span>

Button Example

<button class="ltkpopup-tap-to-join" data-sms-short-code="18775556401" data-sms-keyword="LISTRAK">
<span>Tap To Join</span>

Update the href or data-sms-short-code attribute to include your toll-free number or 5-6 digit shortcode. Update the data-sms-keyword attribute to include your opt-in keyword.

Learn more about the benefits and how tap-to-join mobile pop-ups can increase your SMS subscriber list.

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