Tap-to-join Mobile Popups provide an easy way for website visitors to sign up for text message programs, such as coupons, alerts and events. By leveraging popups at the right time and with the right message, you have an opportunity to capture more website visitors and turn them into subscribers.

How it Works

Visitors who reach your website using their mobile device will be shown the mobile responsive version of your popup. This popup likely includes a captivating headline, short copy, and a call-to-action button (tap-to-join).

When a visitor taps the call-to-action button, their device automatically opens its default messaging client auto-filled with your SMS short code and opt-in keyword (such as "Join"). To subscribe, the visitor must simply send the keyword.

Benefits of using Top-to-Join

Grow your SMS subscriber list faster

Mobile pop-ups are front and center on your website, so every visitor sees them and has a chance to subscribe.

Convert website visitors into subscribers

Mobile pop-ups can collect visitor's mobile phone number to nurture them into becoming a customer. Share deals, events, and promotions to increase revenue and lifetime value.

Implementing Tap-to-Join

Adding a tap-to-join feature to your mobile responsive popup requires adding an HTML button and lightweight JavaScript to your popup. To learn more about this and other SMS features, contact your Account Manager or Listrak Support for more information!

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