What is Workflow? 

Workflow is Listrak’s next generation cross-channel orchestration engine. Workflow allows you to quickly and easily build automated campaigns that send targeted, personalized messages to contacts across channels. 

How do I access my Workflows? 

Workflows are accessed under the channel menu by clicking on the Listrak logo and then Workflow. All workflows will appear on the Workflows page. 

Does workflow auto-save?
Workflow does not auto-save, however, you will receive a warning if you try to navigate away from a workflow without saving. To save a workflow select the save button in the top right corner.

What do the Workflow statuses mean? 

  • Draft: Draft workflows are still in the creation phase and have not been activated. No contacts will be entered into the workflow if they complete the specified event. 

  • Active: Active workflows are currently allowing contacts to enter into the workflow when they complete the specified event. 

  • Edits Pending: Workflows that have edits pending have had some update or change made to the workflow. Contacts are still receiving the currently active version when they complete the specified event. 

  • Inactive: Inactive workflows are workflows that have been disabled so that no contacts will be entered into the workflow when they complete the specified event. 

How do I delete my workflow? 

Only workflows in draft or inactive status can be deleted. To delete an active workflow, first click on the three dots and deactivate the workflow. Once a workflow is in draft or inactive status, click the three dots and select delete.

How will contacts be entered into a workflow? 

A contact enters a workflow based on an entry event. Entry events occur on your site. Use entry event properties to limit the how often contacts enter a specific workflow. 

Contacts can also be entered into a List Subscription workflow when doing a one-time or recurring import. Learn more about configuring imports here.

Can a contact be in a workflow more than once? 

Yes, depending on the entry and exit event settings configured, a contact may be able to be in two locations within a single workflow. Configuring entry events allow you to limit how often a contact is eligible to enter a workflow. Exit event properties allow you to determine if a contact should exit the workflow if they complete a specific event, such as making a purchase.  Entry prevention rules prevent participants from entering a workflow if they are active participants of a separate specified workflow.

Can I still use personalization in a message if Workflow is not saved on a list? 

Yes, when creating a message you can select a list to associate with a message. Selecting a list will allow you to use personalizaton, such as first name, in the message content or subject line. You can also add unique, workflow-specific tags to an SMS message in a shopping cart abandonment campaign to include cart information or add coupons to any workflow.

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