Learn to automatically connect your Shopify store to Listrak, set up Shopify coupons, and use them within your email marketing campaigns. Customize your automated campaigns, such as a Welcome Series to include an incentive to entice your shoppers. Shopify coupons only utilize unique coupon codes.


Be sure to have completed the Shopify integration in the Listrak Marketplace. 

When configuring your Shopify integration, you must set the discounts permissions to read and write access to utilize this feature. If you've already set up your Shopify integration, please edit the integration to allow read and write access for discounts.

After the integration is complete, set up your coupons with a pre-configured price rule within Shopify before continuing to the Listrak setup. 


After you've completed the Shopify setup, configure your coupon code in Listrak by following the below steps.

  1. In Listrak navigate to Manage > Coupon > click New Coupon in the top top right

  2. If you have more than one Merchant in your account. Select Merchant.

  3. Next, select coupon type Shopify Coupons.

  4. Next enter a Coupon Name. This is the name that's given to the coupon in Listrak and displays in the coupon manager to help you keep track of your coupons.

  5. Add a Prefix. The prefix you add here will be added to the beginning of the randomly generated coupon code. For example a of "WELCOME" will generate a coupon "WELCOME3234532" with random unique code as a suffix.

  6. Select a Price Rule from the drop-down menu. In Shopify these are mainly referred to as Discounts. Discounts will show in the drop-down after they have been set up in your Shopify account. NOTE: You must type at least 3 characters into the search box and will be shown up to 50 matching results as you type. Shopify guide on setting up Discounts.

  7. Click Save

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