What's New

  • Data Export (May 1)
    Export delimited data to your FTP or Listrak's FTP on a regular cadence.
  • Coupon Manager (May 17)
    Create, edit, and manage static, dynamic, and Shopify coupons quickly and easily all in one place.


  • Updated Look and Feel (April 24)
    The Conversion, Replenishment, and Reviews Dashboards are now styled with our modern updates.
  • Custom Fonts in Listrak's Font Manager (May 1)
    Add your own custom fonts to Listrak Composer using Listrak's Font Manager.
  • Listrak CRM Data Model Updates (May 31)
    Email Hash: a SHA-256 encrypted value representing the email address of the contact.
    Order Count: expanded to include filterable counts by defined time frames: last month, last 3 months, last 6 months, last 12 months, and lifetime (previously Order Count).
    Average Order Interval: a calculation of the average time between orders: Average Order Interval (Days), Average Order Interval (Months), and Average Order Interval (Weeks).
    Last Order (Y/N): a dimension to filter results only to the last order placed by a customer.
    Discount Total: a measure exposing the total discount amount across all orders in the results set.
  • Listrak CRM Bug Fixes (May 30)
    Phone numbers have been updated to display as a formatted string instead of a decimal number.
    - Two decimal places have been added on several aggregate calculations representing currency: Decile Rank (Revenue), Lifetime Revenue, Percentile (Revenue), Decile Rank (TTM Revenue), Percentile (TTM Revenue), Average Lifetime Value, and Total Lifetime Value.
  • Data Export Updates (June 27)
    Export an additional data set (email activity) to your FTP or Listrak's FTP on a regular cadence.

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